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Frozen Cream


All-natural product made from pasteurised milk, fast-frozen to lock in its fresh and creamy flavour. Conventional and organic options available.

Product Application

Ideal in consumer applications such as ice cream, confectionery, baking and reconstituted milk products.


Fresh cream from whole milk.


Milk and milk products.

Packaging Format & Size

Style: Dairy bag with snap cap in cardboard shipper

Material: LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) bag in cardboard shipper

Net content: 18kg

Batch number: Julian code – YYDDD

Coding: UB DD/MM/YYYY TT:TT 24-hour clock

Label: In accordance with importing country requirements

FCL: 20ft. Refrigerated container.

Storage conditions

Product is to be stored at <18ÂșC in a dry place free from pests