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Fresh Cream*

*Available for Australia-based customers only.


A smooth and rich cream made from fresh cow’s milk. Carefully processed with cold milk separation technology to retain the natural goodness of Australian dairy. Conventional and organic options available.

Product Application

Great for use in a wide range of dairy goods such as ice cream, yoghurts, UHT applications, and confectionary products.


Fresh cream from whole milk.


Milk and milk products.

Packaging Format & Size

Style: LLDPE capped bladder in a chep pallecon or dairy bag with snap cap in cardboard shipper

Material: LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) bag in cardboard shipper

Net content: 950 litres or 18kg

Batch number: Julian code – YYDDD BXX

Coding: UB DD/MM/YYYY TT:TT 24-hour clock

Label: In accordance with importing country requirements

Storage conditions

Product is to be stored at <5ºC in a dry place free from pests.

Shelf life

Best by 24 days from the date of manufacture provided the product has been stored and used according to the recommendations provided by Goulburn Valley Creamery, Australia. The product should be used before the use by date once opened.


Product of Australia • Free from melamine • Free from GMOs – as per FSANZ Standard 1.5.2 – 4.1 (c) • Meets ANZDAC standard for pasteurisation • Meets CODEX requirements for heavy metals and pesticides MRL.